Passed, well done Michael.

"Just passed my drivig test at the first go ! Beyond Happy ! Massive thank you to Paul Wickens who took me from another instructor 10 days before my test , under difficult circumstances when my driving confidence, and skill was low. Got my confidence right back up and was a pleasure to be in his company. Great instructor , and all round great guy !!"


Beth, made it look easy.

"Would like to say a mahoosive thankyou to the awesome Paul Wickens for helping me pass my test first time. Really couldnt ask for a better instructor. Would HIGHLY recommend ! # madedrivngfun !! "


Nice result Chelsea,great effort.

"Im sooooooo happy. Ive finally passed , first time with only 4 minors ! Thakyou so much Paul Wickens for being so patient with me and just amazing ".


Well Done Christina !!!

"Proud to say I've actually aced my driving test !! All thanks to one man thats helped me and taught me to become a new confident driver on the road. He took his time and day to make sure i passed and to make sure i accomplished my achievements. Thankyou so much Paul Wickens, you have been amazing and i couldnt have asked for a better instructor ".


Adam, Passed, well done, great result.

"I passed 2nd time. After having driving lessons with two previous instructors from another company I went with Paul. It was a relaxed and fun atmosphere with plenty of banter and winding up but the focus was always on the driving. Paul gave me confidence that the other driving instructors didn't and as a result I passed my test on the second try. Paul then followed this with a Pass Plus motorway course that gave me the confidence to drive on busy motorways. If it wasn't for Paul I couldn't have done this. Thanks Paul!"


Zak, 1 Minor, excellent 2nd attempt.

"Paul focused on all my weaknesses to make me a confident driver. Paul is a very friendly man, he could talk about anything but always got that eye on your driving. He is relaxed and always pushes you to your best which is the best thing anyone would want because they would like to pass their test. Paul not also becomes your driving instrutor but he also becomes one of your friends i would like to say thankyou paul for helping me pass:)"


Affan, 1st time pass.

"Paul was very accommodating and helpful given my situation where i had a date for the test 5 days from my first call to him. He gave me the right amount of encouragement and taught me some of the techniquesvery patiently. If you want personalised and professional driving lessons, he is the man to go to. Thanks to him I got my licence in my first attempt :) ''


Edison PASSED 1st time.

"I took driving lessons with Paul aged 31. My wife had been driving for years; and therefore took care of all day-to-day tasks that required driving. As you can probably imagine, as the "man of the house" I was very embarrassed and the pressure was really on to get a driving licence".

The first day I met Paul, he gave me his business card and at the back he wrote "WILL PASS FIRST TIME, WITH LESS THAN 4 MINOR FAULTS"!!! He gave me confidence and was patient. I PASSED FIRST TIME WITH 3 MINOR FAULTS!!! BEST DRIVING INSTRUCTOR I COULD HAVE HOPED FOR. THANK YOU PAUL...THANK YOU"


Henry, Passed.

"I passed first time, 4 minors, I really got on well with Paul, he is a forthright honest instructor, with a relaxed teaching style. He allows for learners to find their own feet whilst keeping a close eye on the progress they make."


Angela 1st time pass

"After three previous driving instructors I came to Paul, with one week to spare before my test. I was unprepared and lacking confidence. Paul gave me the confidence and support to pass my test.  I owe Paul a great deal of gratitude as i now have the freedom to control my life, to travel and have more time with my family.  Thanks Paul.

I would like again to thank you for your confidence and push to bring me up to test standard in a week. I will be in contact soon to arrange motorway lessons."


Mladin Amazing Result !!!!

"My experience of learning to drive with Paul has been very positive.  He is an excellent instructor. He was very flexible when planning classes around my other commitments.  It was great that Paul was also able to provide a realistic Mock Test.  As a result of Pauls tuition, I passed 1st time, Zero Minors." ( A Clean Sheet ).



"I passed my test 1st time, just 4 Minors.

As someone who was very nervous about driving, Paul put me completely at ease, and made driving an enjoyable experience.  Paul taught me to drive well not only for my test, but also to be safe and confident after i passed.  I felt he was as invested in my passing as i was. His lessons were extremely good value for money.  He was very flexible and worked around my schedule. I couldnt have asked for a better experience."



"My instructor Paul was excellent, he was calm, patient, professional and created a relaxing atmosphere.  As a beginner i am thrilled. Paul also gave me plenty of confidence and instruction to help me pass my test 1st time. Thanks again Paul, i really do appreciate the work and help you gave me to help me pass."


WOW Andy Passed 1st time, 2 Minors.

"Brilliant lessons, amazing value and very flexible.  Really nice guy in general and would definately recommend."


Chris, Nice result Mate !!!

"Paul Mate you are a Diamond, your lessons were informative, and i felt confident in my driving skills with you as my instructor. Happy I Passed 1st time, Thankyou for everything !"



"Paul was such an amazing instructor, as well as a friend. Very down to earth and so easy to talk to. I would recommend anyone to have lessons with him. He's patient and we had a laugh.  I was sad to finish my lessons, because he truly is a great person as well as a great instructor. Passed 2nd attempt 4 minors."



"Paul is an amazing, punctual instructor, who was always patient, and never got frustrated if i made any mistakes. Paul was great fun and good company."  Passed, 1st time, 2 Minors !!!!!!!!



"I Passed 1st time with 7 Minors.

Paul is an excellent driving instructor.  He is very patient, explains things well, and most importantly has an excellent sense of humour.  Learning to drive was actually fun, rather than a chore."



"Thanks Paul for ironing out my bad habbits, and being honest and patient.  Passed on my 1st attempt with Paul, with 3 Minor faults."



"I always recommend Paul, when people ask about driving lessons. I passed 2nd time with 6 faults."



"I had previously had 2 driving instructors, but neither seemed to want me to pass any time soon.  They appeared to be more than happy with soaking up my money.  Paul was different.  He immediately identified my weaker areas, and concentrated on them, helping me to gain confidence in my driving ability.

I also found manoeuvres very very difficult and hard to grasp. With Pauls patience and clear direction, i was able to learn each manoeuvre,  Passed 2nd attempt, 3 Minors."


Laura Passed 1st time 4 faults.

"Paul was kind and patient, and made me feel very relaxed.  I never felt under pressure to learn faster than my own pace."



"Pauls lessons were good value for money.  Paul was a fantastic driving instructor, he made me feel comfortable and confident enough to succeed in my driving test.  I did take three attempts to pass my test, but passed with only 3 minors."


Cathryn's journey

"When I started driving lessons aged 28 I was incredibly nervous and not looking forward to it at all but I knew it was something I had to do. I'd had lessons previously when I was 17, and hated it so much I had given up, so I was really anxious about starting again.

Paul is a fantastic teacher. He is friendly, professional, gave me so much confidence and was incredibly patient. Even when I had messed up a reverse park for the millionth time Paul never once lost his calm or made me feel stupid.

I passed my practical test second time. The first time I was so nervous my leg was shaking so much I messed up my reverse park, which was really early on in the test. Although I knew I had failed, I continued with the test to get the experience. I sailed round with just one minor fault. I passed second time round a few weeks later with just two minor faults. I must give Paul credit for this because he taught me to be a careful, considerate, calm - and confident - driver.

After passing, I had some follow-on motorway lessons with Paul. These gave me so much confidence and I now think nothing of travelling around the country on busy motorways on my own. This is something I never thought I would have the confidence or skills to do."



"I would really recommend Paul as a driving instructor. With Paul each week I learnt different things all the time. Paul is really cool caring and funny to learn with. I passed 2 time and only had 3 faults. Paul built my confidence up driving on the roads. I do really recommend paul as he is fun to be around."


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